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Welcome to Clever Polly’s, our OMAKASE restaurant and natural wine shop in West Melbourne. Clever Polly’s opened in 2014 with the intention of bringing something that we felt was missing in our local area- a small, casual, yet intimate place, where we could share new discoveries with our guests; a place of learning through the pleasure of eating and drinking. We have worked hard to build a sense of community around food and wine, whilst supporting small, artisanal farmers and producers, who work in tandem with the land to nurture it. All that we offer is thoughtfully selected and prepared; only food and wine that we love and are proud to share.


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313 Victoria St
West Melbourne,
Victoria, Australia

Wednesday to Saturday
Sunday 12pm-10pm

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27th August, 2016

smoking – cold

10th September, 2016

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24th September, 2016

cheese – comte

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Doorstop wine

jerome prevost les beguines $186

Ok, so this isn’t exactly your typical mid-week tipple- but hell, the sun’s shining out there! Or it was yesterday when we chose this…

Either way, spring is just around the corner, so we think that’s something to celebrate and this is the perfect wine to celebrate with. This Champagne is made in tiny quantities, predominantly Pinot Meunier from the Les Beguines vineyard which sits on a shallow layer of topsoil over chalk. Vinified in older oak casks, it’s fresh and vibrant with a thrilling, energetic acidity, and fine layers of texture from 18 months on lees.
This is one of those unforgettable, haunting wines; perhaps life-changing is a little dramatic but still…