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We’re changing to a set menu

16th May, 2016


We’ve got some big news for you. As of the 22nd May 2016, we will be offering a set menu, to showcase the best of the season and provide you with the dining experience that we think you should be having.

The menu will be determined by our chefs, who will create dishes based around what’s good on the day as we strive to make the most of the beautiful ingredients that we have access to. The meal will be built around several individual small plates that are inspired by Japanese cuisine. Expect delicate flavours, some Japanese ingredients, and local ingredients prepared in Japanese style. We truly believe that this food matches perfectly with our wine.

This is how we love to eat and we feel that our set menu will allow us to provide our guests with a dining experience that comes from the heart.


To hold true to Clever Polly’s first breaths as a wine bar, we will always save some space for walk-ins and will continue to offer a small selection of snacks that can be ordered a la carte.
Clever Polly’s will forever retain its focus on working with small, interesting producers and promoting what they do; we only wish to add an extra layer and detail for you to enjoy that we truly believe will make you love us even more.
We hope to see you soon.