Curated – half case


Curated – half case


Introducing C u r a t e d by Clever Polly’s. We’d love to spread some cheer to your office (and see what grown ups actually do for work) or home by delivering to your door our highlights reel from our favourite natural wine producers from Australia and around the world. Yep. We’re taking out the guesswork for you.

Intrigued? You should be. Whether you’re dreaming of a half-case (six bottles) delivered weekly, monthly or whenever you damn well feel like it, we have you covered. Our precious cargo will contain a rotating all-star cast of delicious natural wine so there will something for everyone. We’ll also include some details about what you’re drinking, so hey, you might even learn something.

Spend more. Save more (because wine and fiscal conservatism are best mates, remember).